AN EMPIRE SPIK BOOTLEG - Times Square MTV 44 1/2 foot Presentation
Last Update : 2010.07.20
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//// Description ////
"It was a long time ago -- 30 years to be exact -- in a galaxy not so far away when Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back was first released to movie theaters. Considered by many to be the greatest movie sequel of all time"

"Spike is inviting its viewers and the trilogy's loyal fans to view a special simulcast of The Empire Strikes Back the same day at 4:00 PM ET on MTV's 44 1/2 foot video board."

via: SPIK
"I bring cam-corder. Record show. Nice Day. Wanted to do a live group commentary. Didn't happen.."

via: :F:D: (:F:L:I:M:S:I:P:L:A:S:T: :D:A:T:A:B:A:S:E:)
"We received this bootleg of the ESB Spike broadcast in Times Square. Since there was no audio, %20 added fourteen fan commentary or ESB 30th anniversary podcasts which were sync'd up at the starting point of the crawl. Since a DVD can only have eight audio tracks, each of the commentaries were mono'd and shifted to the left or right channel. Use this disc to practice your audio shifting and commentary channel switching abilities, while you get an in-depth listen to the public's continued fascination with this movie sequel."


//// Release Info ////
VIDEO - Recorded May 22, 2010 4:00PM EST : New York City - Times Square
MTV 44 1/2 foot Video Board :
Spike TV : Celebration of Empire Strikes Back 30th Anniversary Broadcast

Video Processing - Every frame rerendered by a process called 'Natural Sunlight'.
Closed Commentary (Burned in) provided by MTV Networks
Bootleg Standard Effects - Head Obstructions
Bootleg Special Effects - Bird, birds, balloons, birds.

AUDIO - All Mono Split Channel (Left / Right) : "Star Wars" Crawl Synced
Highly recommended that you switch as you watch for Maximum Interactivity. Choose a side and flip around, then switch channel and flip around some more. Or do both simultaneous. (REMOTE JEDI'S ONLY) All ESB DVD chapter stops included for easy rewind of scenes/commentary.

Channel Options
01.Left - Original Improv Street Traffic/Passerby Commentation Interpretation Art Piece
01.Rght - Audio Description English

Fan Commentaries
02.Left - 2004? : Renegade Commentary (Cube, Chris, Sooby)
03.Left - 2008.02.22 : MMM! Commentary (Trevor, David, Geoff, Nathan, Andrew)
04.Left - 2008.02.28 : Aftershock (Brandon, Matt, Spot, Greg)
05.Left - 2009.02.15 : Trivia War Podcast (Nerfherder Adam, Darth Robin)
06.Left - 2009.06.19 : Simple Tricks & Nonsense (Rob, Kyle, Ricky, Caleb)
07.Left - 2009.09.10 : The Speakeasy (The DR and Lynch)
08.Left - 2009.12.12 : 300 Bucks Damage (Gord and Kev)
02.Rght - 2010.04.05 : Two True Freaks! (Scott Gardner, Chris Honeywell)
03.Rght - 2010.04.15 : Commentary Track Stars (Mike, Max, other Mike)
04.Rght - 2010.05.10 : Voice of the Republic Commentary (Ed, Mike, Joel)
05.Rght - 2010.05.20 : This Week In Geek (Birdman and Double D)
06.Rght - 2010.05.21 : Force Cast (Jason Swank, Jimmy 'Mac' McInerney, Kyle Newman, Paul Bateman)
07.Rght - 2010.05.24 : Star Wars Action News (Arnie and Marjorie, callers)
08.Rght - 2010.06.10 : The Legion of Dudes (Ken, Russ, John, Jim, Adam)

Quote : "We're about one hundred and twenty minutes in and we really haven't said much about the movie. That's all right we're talking about more interesting things."

General Fan Commentary Library :

Fan Commentary Continuation Chart
03.Rght --> 08.Rght
04.Rght --> 08.Left
05.Rght --> 07.Rght
06.Rght --> 05.Left
07.Left --> 03.Left
Menu: After end of main feature
Note: Chapter stops at all Audio Commentary changes.

Subtitle Option
"Currently Listening To" available on Subtitle Track 2.

Musical Fill-In Material
???? - Lightsaber
???? - Lucas
???? - Star Wars Promo
???? - Walkers In A Winter Wonderland
???? - Y.O.D.A.
Empire Jazz - Lando's Palace (lo-fi)
Grandma Got Run Over By A TaunTaun
Meco Monardo - The Empire Strikes Back
Morgan Phillips - The Imperial Remix - Star Wars Breakbeats
Morgan Phillips - A Bobadelic Remix - Star Wars Breakbeats
Morgan Phillips - One Smooth Character - Star Wars Breakbeats
Morgan Phillips - Mystical - Star Wars Breakbeats
Morgan Phillips - The Wisdom of Yoda - Star Wars Breakbeats
Roberta Rogow - Droids Are People Too
Robert Lund - I Got Crabs From Darth Vader
Too Hip For the Room - Ballad of Boba Fett
Twin Sister - Ben
The Ultimate Warriors - I'm Not Hardcore Enough to Like Star Wars
Venetian Snares - Cruel Whole (Abelcain Remix) - Printf("Shiver In Eternal Darkness/N");
Weird Al Yankovic - Yoda (Demo '81)
Worm Quartet - Wookiee Weeniee
Yocutis - Dork Wars' Lightsaber

NYC NOBODY - Event Recording

BONUS - Spike Commercials
01. Celebrating 30 Years
02. A 30th Birthday Bash
03. Star Wars Movie Marathon Work Out
04. Complete Saga Commercial (2008)
>> Spike - "There Is Much To Be Learned" Commercials
05. Competition Can Bring Out A Guy's Dark Side.
06. Never Assume Cute Means Harmless.
07. When Challenged, There Is Strength In Numbers.
08. If A Guy Looks Dangerous He Probably Is.
>> Other
09. Star Wars Roommates

"Empire" Empire Quotes
"It's a good bet the Empire knows we're here" - Han Solo
"Right now I feel I can take on the whole Empire myself" - Dack Ralter
"The Empire is still out there. I don't think it's wise" - Princess Leia Organa
"The Empire maybe gracious enoooouug" - C-3po
"He has no love of the Empire, I can tell you that" - Han Solo
"We don't fall into the jurisdiction of the Empire" - Lando Calrissian
"Aren't you afraid the Empire will find out about this little operation" - Han Solo
"I've just made a deal that will keep the Empire out of here forever" - Lando Calrissian
"The Empire will compensate you" - Darth Vader
"Attention. The Empire has taken control of the city, I advise everyone" - Lando Calrissian

DVD Specification
Recording Date : 2010.05.22
Release Date ..: +++2010.07.04
Theater Date ..: Never
DVD ...........: +++2010.07.03
DVD Runtime ...: 02:03:36
Aspect Radio ..: 4:3
Language ......: English
Resolution ....: 640 x 480
Video .........: NTSC
Audio .........: AC3 - PCM / 16 Channels
Framerate .....: 29.97 VFR
Subtitles .....: Current Audio Listing
Disc Name .....: AESB
Region ........: ALL
Film Genre ....: Fan Commentary Bootleg
Filesize ......: +++4.67 GB
Disc Type .....: DVD5
Trailer .......: Yes
Bonus Features : Yes
Menus .........: Yes / Animated
Capture Equip .: Sony DCR-PC100
Packet ........: +++158*50MB*5
Posted to .....: alt.binaries.starwars
Freer Culture .: Yes Please
Public Domain .: Yes
Creative Commons : CC0 1.0 Universal
Public Domain .: Still Yes

DVD Cover

Official Entry to the 'R3d!cu-lulz Ix+R3m3 B007L3g L34GU3'
Quote: "Organization whose members perform willful copyright infringement in such an inane stoopid direction and quality that their ungodly worthless creations are only appreciated by schmendricks, the sensory depraved, and other cretins which roam this blue marble."

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Bootlegs of bootlegs is phun! Show us what your re-experience was like. Take a picture of the back of your head watching your favorite part of the AESB. Interact with the film, act out your favorite part of one of the commentaries, go crazy. And we'll add them to this FAQ!


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