RIAA Exclusive Mixes
Purpose : To promote my new favorite artist, the RIAA and their subversive mixes of corporately sponsored musics.
...and to get them voted to Artist of the Year in 2003.
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:Exclusive Mixes Found:
New RIAAEMtrapt-trapt-stillframe-05.mp3

General Info
::: Who Is The RIAA :::
I don't know, send clues to p.l.1.x.at.e.a.r.t.h.l.i.n.k.n.e.t
please include "RIAA" in the message subject

::: Why Are They Doing It :::

Have you heard the latest word?! The RIAA is releasing special limited edition, p2p only versions of many top selling entertainment classics. Personally I like these mixes much more then the original, the problem is finding them. See I get enough of the industries musics during my daily travels so I don't take the time out to search out these exclusive mixes on my own time. But gosh darn I love to listen to them. So with your help, I'm willing to collect these Super Spectacular mixes for everyone's enjoyment.
-Peter A Lopez, part time music fan.

Submission Rules
Contact me first, we'll discuss a way of getting me the file. Once it has been verified as an official RIAA or Overpeer remix then it will be posted.


Sunday, September 7, 2003

New Choon! RIAAEMtrapt-trapt-stillframe-05.mp3
I will not apologise for the absense, if the RIAA doesn't produce, I don't produce, and if you don't send in your mixes, i don't update. Merry Christmas! now with that aside, check out the new super subversive RIAAExclusiveMix! ok fine it's lameo r'n'alternapunk'guitar'crap but with a name like trapt and lyrics like this:
Back off, i'll take you on
Headstrong to take on anyone
I know that you are wrong
Headstrong, we're headstrong
Back off, i'll take you on
Headstrong to take on anyone
I know that you are wrong
And this is not where you belong

all i can say is MEGAF*WKNHIT ok but your asking yourself what does this miraculous prose mean to me, we'll i'm glad you asked. to me this symbolizes the significant unalienable corporate (and government sponsored) right for major corporations to belittle the consumers they say they serve and to make sure corporate/government cooperation dominate all forms of society, that's the American way isn't it? but let's break down the lyrics.
Back off, i'll take you on in this case, that's the RIAA's way of letting P2P user know that they mean business and they, like a mother protecting her child, will do anything to make sure they get their way, even if it isn't right.
Headstrong to take on anyone again more words to show that they are/mean business.
I know that you are wrong this is their guided prose against the P2P community, they say your wrong, so it must be right, right?
Headstrong, we're headstrong their clarrifing their position, just in case you missed it the first time.
ok now the same bit repeats, until the final clincher
And this is not where you belong and this is the mystical line which sums up the RIAAEM experience. They are directly pointing their fingers at the average P2P user and saying, "You Should Not Be Doing What Your Doing, Your Doing Wrong (as defined by the RIAA), but here's the key, this is the only way to get their sounds. ok when your done with your Keanu Reaves Neo '....Whoa...' moment, just come to realize the genius that is the subversive and complicated RIAA. genius, i would think so.

Super Mega Doobah Miggle Fahswizgimblibyt to "HeavyKazaaLifting" for supplying the latest RIAAEM!
more date and time info 9/7/2003 01:31:11 PM

Saturday, May 7, 2003

fun link great color scheme:
more date and time info 5/7/2003 09:13:53 PM

Wednesday, April 30, 2003

New Marketing Campaign!!! Individal Contact Awaits All
According to this link:
Employing the newest and coolest marketing strategy known to p2p kind, the RIAA has begun to inverse market their products. By claiming that their product is illegal, and yet creating mass marketing schemes dedicated on promoting ill reputed behavior (gangsta rap, stealing in clothing stores, killing your wife, being a basic degenerate, drug use is cool) the RIAA is out cooling the cool through the over explanation that what your doing is wrong.

Here's an example of a message:
"It appears that you are offering copyrighted music to others from your computer. Distributing or downloading copyrighted music on the Internet without permission from the copyright owner is ILLEGAL…. When you break the law, you risk legal penalties. There is a simple way to avoid that risk: DON'T STEAL MUSIC, either by offering it to others to copy or downloading it on a 'file-sharing' system like this.
"When you offer music on these systems, you are not anonymous, and you can easily be identified. You also may have unlocked and exposed your computer and your private files to anyone on the Internet. Don't take these chances. Disable the share feature or uninstall your 'file-sharing' software."

Not even Madonna can out top this convoluted promotional scheme. How am i suppost to listen to the RIAA's Exclusive Mixes if they don't want me to download them? Don't get it? that's the genius of it all.
more date and time info 4/30/2003 09:20:32 PM

Saturday, February 16, 2003

Is It Over for Overpeer?! According to this link these individuals believe that super group Overpeer might be on the brink of extinction. Please someone send me some of their work (.mp3, .ogg, .anything please) so I promote them in this blog. Don't let these pioneers of the sonic arts die a death unwanted. Please help, send me stuff. dankka. i'm always so far behind...
more date and time info 2/16/2003 04:07:10 PM

Saturday, February 01, 2003

New Submission : RIAAEVE-05-EVE-OLUTION.mp3
Ok this must be the RIAA's version of a dance floor monster. Once the groove is on, this one doesn't fail, consistent beat lovin' head knoddin' groove thumpin' sheeeite, kneegah. The problems i've got with this one though is the intro and extro. the hard clips just don't work, in conjunction with the editing. sure they're a wonderfully hard juxtaposition but in the end they detract from this groove-meister beat junkie of a sound file. Score: a '5'. But with lyrics like:
"With some of ya'll against this shit, really against this shit,
dis is for dah niggahs who don't love me, go ahead and get bent,
and if you really want people to think you insane, open up your door and party in the rain."

I've got my front door open, this tune cranked to double-ones, i'm insanely bent and completely lovin' it!!!!!!!!
dankka "3^!I_3^3", your props are in the mail, Special Delivery FedUp'd style beiotch!
more date and time info 2/01/2003 11:25:23 AM

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Searching Tips:
Ok, I've been informed by "gOD66789" that maybe to find these RIAA Exclusive Mixes, a percentage of the effort should be utilized to track down the source. So if you happen to get one of these RIAAEM, and if you can remember the name of the individual who gave it to you, (come on I know you were pissed at the time.) pass that user name along. Maybe the minions will download all the files from this user, and hopefully (cross your fingers) we'll get the motherload of these exclusive mixes.

Also some files on p2p are called "real" or "finally real", I'm assuming these are files to stay away from, since they are probably user modified. But maybe these too are being overtaken by the RIAA/Overpeer Exclusive Mixes? Is there some rule that the RIAA/Overpeer can only pollute the waters, with files with the proper names?

Anyway, good luck and happy hunting!
more date and time info 1/29/2003 11:44:32 PM

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Napster still under construction.
And in supposted sightings, Eminem's (pronouned like the candy that melts your hands) "Without Moi" has allegedly received the RIAA's all-star remix treatment. First to send it to me, wins my eternal congratulations.
more date and time info 1/28/2003 05:45:14 PM

Friday, January 24, 2003

Overpeer Secrets Exposed!
According to: Overpeer US Patent Application
This sounds fantastic, it shows that they cut and paste (a preschool method, given ligitamacy through legal jargon) and modify existing songs to create new ones. Plunderphonia at it's best. Here's the part which get me really excited.

[0058] Although the preferred embodiments of the present invention have been disclosed for illustrative purposes, those skilled in the art will appreciate that various modifications, additions and substitutions are possible, without departing from the scope and spirit of the invention as disclosed in the accompanying claims.

I remember reading a story in science class in elementary school about a city which had a problem with rodents. They knew the rodents went to a local lake to drink, so what did they do, they put arsenic in lake. Well what happened next, the rodents started to die. Of course so did the humans. So what is Overpeer trying to do, their trying to remove all worth to the idea of music, just like this RIAA group i'm also hearing about. This stuff is soooo cutting edge, i get jitters just thinking about it. A whole world without music, a wonderful dream if i ever heard of one. With Overpeer and RIAA i think we're in good hands, death to music as we know it! YeeeeeHa!
more date and time info 1/24/2003 03:25:10 AM

Friday, January 24, 2003

Breaking News! New RIAA inspired artist Overpeer!
New RIAA inspired artist 'Overpeer' suppostedly flooding the p2p networks! Stay Tuned for further info, if you find one of their mixes send it to us, we love this stuff! Suppostedly Overpeer likes to call their music "Spoofing", will spoofing overtake glitch for most worthless term of the century?! Stay Tuned! more date and time info 1/24/2003 09:05:02 AM

Thursday, January 23, 2003

Breaking News! Lead Something of the RIAA Quits to be with Family!
I can't believe this, I just find out about this group and their lead something person leaves. great googillymoogily Will that mean that the RIAA will disband. Does that mean that these mp3s they suppostedly put out over p2p services will disappear with all the other stuff 'the public' deems unworthy? Stay Tuned i'll report as soon as i hear, anything. and to remind everyone, if you find one of these RIAA Exclusive Mixes send it along, I want to hear them. more date and time info 1/23/2003 11:46:23 AM

Wednsday, January 22, 2003

Hey Hey our first submission! "G37aNfnL1f3" writes:
You stupid looser, why are you wasting your time with this nonsense?! Can't you think of something more productive to do with your life. Here's the RIAA's version of a Santana tune.

Ok let me know what you all think of it. Personally I find it to be conceptually perfect. Fading out after the lyrics "Stay With It baby, that's all I ask of you", over and over and over, is a perfect way to symbolize something. Out of 10, I gotta give this one a 9. I'm holding back on that perfect score, cus i sense that they can do better. But WOW what a great start. I'm sure you all will agree after listening to this tune that the RIAA will be new artist, best performer, best everything in the year of 2003! Keep'um coming! thanx G37aNfnL1f3! more date and time info 1/22/2003 07:35:01 AM

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Sheesh this webpage has been on the internet all day and yet no one has contacted me about hearing any of the exclusive RIAA mixes, i'm beginning to think they don't exist.
more date and time info 1/21/2003 10:12:09 PM

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Editorial, from the sound of these pieces by the elusive RIAA, i think it's obvious, the RIAA doesn't want you to listen to music. What other opinion can be gleamed from these actions. there's nothing appealing about these songs. Is this some kind of strange art project to inform the world of the joys of abstract thought and other artistic garabage? i don't know. all i know that when i hear these mp3s, is that who ever did this, just doesn't want any to ever again listen to music. and i have no problem with that. but i still haven't heard them yet so i'm not making that opinion final, so if you get one send it along.
more date and time info 1/21/2003 06:45:55 PM

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Ok, I realize it's a little early but the early buzz on the recordings of the RIAA lead me to believe that they will be Artist of the Year in 2003.
more date and time info 1/21/2003 12:04:15 PM

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Hey, I just found out about the coolest thing, even neeto-er then V/Vm Test Records. Suppostedly this group of subversives called the RIAA have been releasing their mp3 into the p2p underground. Suppostedly they take Top 40 trash and some fade into nothing after a couple seconds, others repeat, and some are just plain blank. I wanna hear um, if you get one please pass it along. After reading about their exploits in every major media venue, from Wired to the New York Times, who you ask? Why the RIAA of course! talk about subverive works on level with other performance artists like Duchamp or the Fluxus people, along comes this ellusive Artist called RIAA. We don't know what it stands for yet, but their work is suppostedly spreading like wildfire through the p2p networks. Stay tuned to this blog for further updates. and if you have one of these mp3s please contact me, i need to hear them!
more date and time info 1/21/2003 07:10:50 AM

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